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Assisted Electrical Rotary Joints

Details & Spec

Doric Assisted Electrical Rotary Joint comes with 12 electrical contacts and a 6 mm inner diameter through hole to pass fiber-optic patch cords or fluid tubings. Compared to our passive Electrical Rotary Joint, the motor Assisted Electrical Rotary Joint is effectively frictionless, thus allowing its use with animals of small weight like mice. To bring light to and/or from the sample, the Assisted Electrical Rotary Joint can be combined with fiber-optic rotary joints (1x1 or 1x2).

• The number of electrical contacts does not necessarily equal the number of recording channels.
• Holders allowing the mounting of an Assisted Electrical Rotary Joint with a Fiber-optic Rotary Joint (1x1 or 1x2) are included (Holder_AERJ, Holder_FRJ_small and Holder_FRJ_large).
• If the Assisted Electrical Rotary Joint is used only for electrophysiology, without any additional fiber-optic rotary joints, a compatible holder is also included (Holder_ARJ).
• The torque sensor included with the Assisted Electrical Rotary Joints can also be used as a cable holder with its rod and its clamp. The adapter to fix the rotary joint on the sensor is pre-installed.
• An optional adapter kit can be provided to allow a Harwin-connectorized rotary joint to be used with an Omnetics-connectorized systems (ADAPTER_HO12).