Pigtailed 1x1 Fiber-optic Rotary Joint.J
Pigtailed 1x1 Fiber-optic Rotary Joint

Details & Spec

Fiber photometry experiments detect small power variations from a fluorophore and for that reason the fiber-optic rotary joints within the setup require minimal transmission variation. Because of large core multimode fibers and connector tolerances (i.e. 400 µm NA 0.48), transmission variation can only be minimized using a pigtailed version of 1x1 fiber-optic rotary joint. The pigtailed patch cords are made from 0.48 NA, 400 µm diameter optical fiber with a lightweight metal jacket and FC connectors. The fixed input patch cord is 1 m long, while the output or rotating patch cord is 0.06 m long. Different length fiber-optic patch cords can be connected to the output using an FC/FC mating adapter.

• The compatible holder for the Pigtailed 1x1 Fiber-optic Rotary Joints is sold separately (Holder_FRJ_small).
• An optional gimbal holder allows pivoting the rotary joint along two additional axes, further reducing the mechanical stress on the animal (GH_FRJ). 
• A compatible FC/FC mating adapter (ADAPTER_FC) is sold separately and can be used to connect different patch cords to the 400 µm diameter NA 0.48 optical fibers already linked to the rotary joint.